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  Our focus is considerate support of our client's overall business objectives.
  Our goal is to provide high caliber counseling and representation.
  We prefer the role of a proactive partner and not just a reactive advisor.
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Tax is the key to comprehend why most transactions are structured in a particular technique. When structuring and documenting most corporate transactions, adverse tax consequences should be minimized. The interpretation of present tax law is intricate, and often requires the joint skills of a variety of experts from different disciplines. We offer tax advice to domestic and foreign legal entities, including business investment, corporations whether public or limited liability companies. Again, our counseling embraces joint-ventures, partnerships, merger and acquisitions. We bring together our legal expertise with other professionals to approach unique tax and business challenges. Besides, our office works directly with client in-house and independent consultants in accounting, financial planning, economics, and other disciplines.

Tax Legal services:
  • We advice on different forms of business organization. The structure of business operations and transactions shapes tax consequences.
  • We advice on tax legislation and administration.
  • We advice on the finest solutions for maximizing after tax returns.
  • We advice on probable problems that may be encountered as the business develops.
  • We advice on tax litigation in courts in the event a satisfactory administrative settlement does not materialize.
  • We represent and guide clients in connection with tax litigation in courts.
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