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  Our focus is considerate support of our client's overall business objectives.
  Our goal is to provide high caliber counseling and representation.
  We prefer the role of a proactive partner and not just a reactive advisor.
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Dr. Adam's law office is a commercially focused law office offering a broad range of legal services to domestic and international clients. Our aspiration is to provide the highest quality legal services prone to assist our clients to achieve their objectives. Our attorneys have the commercial aptitude and negotiating expertise to achieve results that answers our clients' needs and objectives. We act to get an intimate knowledge of each client's needs and objectives. Distinguished client services require insight, expertise, responsiveness, and reliability. We have built a strong practice in all areas key to business. We offer legal representation across wide-ranging practice areas such as corporate and commercial contracts, banking and finance, insolvency, international trade, foreign direct investment, insurance, tax, maritime law, construction and engineering contracts, international arbitration and intellectual property.

We provide business focused legal solutions with a commitment to achieve our clients' goals. We develop solutions that deal with each client exacting needs and objectives in light of integrated strategies, creative solutions helpful to attain the called for results. We are committed to understanding our client’s interests and pursue the right approach to achieve those needs. Our goal is to offer high quality counseling and representation that satisfies each client’s particular needs. We offer commercially driven decisions structured on intimate information of each client's needs and objectives. Legal consultancy is considered as a vital legal task of our office. Our office has wide experience in providing opinions relating to all aspect of business law. We have a stanch commitment to client's service, excellence and integrity. We strive to maintain loyalty and commitment to our client’s cause, and ensure the requisite capability to provide our client with a well considered, independent advice, apt to achieve client’s objectives in business transactions and litigation, as expeditiously and economically as possible. Our top concern is client satisfaction to the point that may surpass client’s expectations. Our focus is considerate support of our client’s overall business objectives. We work hard to cultivate an effective client relationship based on trust. However, we always observe that the client must be kept well informed and involved in making the decisions that affect him.

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim. M. ADAM admitted to bar in 1976. Education: University of Khartoum, LL.B, (hons.) 1974; University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom (PhD) Commercial law 1992. Dr. Adam has a long standing in the law profession. Dr. Adam served in the Sudan as a judge at the Judiciary and as a legal counsel at the Attorney General Chambers. He also served as general counsel to a number of major domestic and multi-national companies including Alsalam Aircraft Company a joint venture between Boeing group and Saudi Airlines and other partners; ISCOSA, a subsidiary of SIMENS WESHINGHOUSE; Al Baraka Dallah Group, one of the major banking and investment institutions, NIC, a joint stock company having international activities with about forty (40) subsidiaries and other major companies. Dr. Adam also acted as consultant for leading Saudi law offices and is a member of the Sudanese Bar and the International Bar Association and is an associate to a number of institutions.
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