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Commissioner of Oaths Services
Services include the following:
  • Attesting the signature and execution of documents.
  • Authenticating the execution of documents
  • Authenticating declarations, affirmations and acknowledgments.
  • Drafting powers of attorneys
  • Drawing commercial documents, contracts and corporate records.
  • Verifying translations from major languages to Arabic language or from Arabic to English.
  • Any act which 1s ordinarily exercised by a commissioner for oaths in the Sudan

Requirements for proper authentication.
  • All oaths, affidavits, declarations, and affirmations taken or received shall conform to the authorizing Act.
  • An oath act or an authenticated act is an affirmation which requires personal appearance of an individual before the Commissioner of Oaths.
  • Presentation of the requisite identity documents.
  • In connection with individuals, a valid passport, identity card or the proof of similar validity. Identification may be satisfied if the individual is personally known to the commissioner of oaths. Identification of individuals through satisfactory evidence is a must. In the event the presented identification is in a language other than Arabic or English, an authorized translation of the document may be called for.
  • In connection with companies if searches are required, such search shall be obtained from the Commercial Registrar General.
  • Endorsement of the relevant office of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or Consulate of the country in which the document intended to be used may be required as an additional notarization to authenticated documents.
  • Translation of documents may be required as part of the authentication act.
  • Client understanding of documents.

Commissioner of Oaths Responsibilities

Authentication of documents is an act which calls for a high standard of care. Individuals or corporations rely on the integrity of the Commissioner of Oaths who conducts the process of authentication. Again, reliance is also envisaged from third parties and officials of foreign governments. On account of this the Commissioner of Oaths must assume responsibility to the effect of ensuring that any authentication act shall be accurate in the sense of avoiding any omissions, alterations, errors. This entails that the Commissioner of Oaths had to take the elaborate precautions to protect clients against fraud and forgery.

Extent of responsibility

Commissioner of Oaths' responsibility shall be confined to the acts he is authorized or commissioned to carry out as prescribed by the law. Commissioner of Oaths' responsibility is limited to witnessing and attesting to the identity of the signatures, not the substance of the documents.
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